BRiC Funding

The Building Recovery in Communities (BRiC) Fund managed by Red Rose Recovery, is a community asset fund providing grants across the 12 district authorities of Lancashire to social enterprises, organisations and community projects supporting individuals and their families in recovery from substance misuse.

Awards of up to £4999 are available to help a wide range of projects which have been inspired by the recovery community, we’re interested in ideas which embrace the Five Ways to Well-being: Connect, Be Active, Learn, Take Notice & Give Back.

Approval is subject to approval by the Gate I & Gate II panels. Support is available in preparing an application, but an important feature is that the applicant has ownership of the project and it promotes recovery!

You can find the application form and guidance notes at the bottom of the page.

Closing dates for this year:

Quarter One:  31/06/2020

 Quarter Two:  31/08/2020

 Quarter Three:  31/10/2020

 Quarter Four:  29/01/2020

Please contact our office for more details on 01772 821440.

Projects Funded by BRiC

Open Cinema

Open Cinema North Lancashire is a highly successful social inclusion project providing a welcoming space for anyone who feels excluded from society and wants to socialise and acts as a social hub for recovery to flourish in Lancashire. OC is led and run by a team of volunteers who organise a weekly film club, a monthly reading group, a Summer “Family Friendly” Film Festival and other simple activities most of us take for granted, like meeting friends in a café, a day trip to Blackpool or going for a walk.

OC provides vulnerable people with something to do and the ability to form positive relationships. Attracting people from across Lancashire over the last 18 months we have organised more than 160 health and wellbeing events incorporating film into all the activities and helped 4125 individuals to reduce their social isolation, make new friends and have fun (Sept 15 2015 – March 31, 2017).

Bartley Arts

Tony Bartley made a successful application for funding to set up his fine art social enterprise and arts workshops. A self-taught artist Tony creates pieces in a variety of styles and mediums. He works from a studio in Worden Park, Leyland where much of his work is showcased and has provided workshops in various locations across central Lancashire including Preston prison and the Discover centres in Preston and Leyland. Please take a look at his website for more information and contact details.

Empower The Invisible Project C.I.C.

We were borne from the ideas of people with lived experience of childhood sexual abuse who wanted to change the lack of support and also the lack of understanding from some professionals about how trauma in childhood in particular childhood sexual abuse impacts on the life of those affected and  Empower the Invisibles Project was set up. We had no funds just our passion for making change and supporting others. With all these ideas in mind one of the co-founders turned to the wider recovery community and sourced seed funding so on behalf of the team I would like to express our thanks to Red Rose Recovery and Lancashire User Forum for approving the Building Recovery in the Community application that I submitted. 

The funding provided has allowed the C.I.C. to grow at a mucher quicker pace than we could have hoped for and it means that we can do more voluntary peer support groups for the community not only in Lancashire but further afield.

With the BRiC funding we have been able to purchase equipment, attend conferences that we can learn from and also reimburse volunteer expenses. We have also been able to fund launch events for the Invisible Exhibition that raises not only awareness but the profile of the C.I.C. and it will change lives and promote recovery.

 So on behalf of all of us at Empower the Invisible,
Thank you

Stepping stones

Stepping Stones provides funding of up to £500 to support local projects which benefit the recovery and wider community. 

The introduction of the funding was in response to feedback from members who felt being able to access smaller grants with a simplified process compared to the main BRiC programme, would really help projects which otherwise might not be able to get funding and provide access to a diverse range of peer led activities for the community. 

Please contact a member of your local RRR team for further information.

You can find the application form at the bottom of the page.

Please bear in mind that funding is subject to approval and fund availability.

Apply for BRiC Funding

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Apply for Stepping Stones Funding

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