Motivational Speaking

Confidence building course delivered in-house by our in-house training team.



We provide in-house training to volunteers who have the key qualities in order to provide bespoke support for clients where this type of therapeutic intervention would be beneficial.

Our coaching model is based on community engagement and building positive development. This is about empowerment, self-reliance, self-resilience and independence. Encouraging coaches to move forward and not back, turning past negatives into future positives. Looking at old behaviours and how we react and reflect on responding differently.

Our coaches empower services users, it is a process of suggestion rather than being forceful or controlling. A coach will use the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a platform to determine the level of support and at what point an individual journey needs to start. Using the Asset Tree they also help to find areas of support, treatment and sign posting, but most of all this will clarify for a service user where they really are, helping them to identify and map out their own recovery journey with support from their coach.


Citizenship Programme 

The programme provides an aspirational and defined pathway promoting engagement (buy-in), resilience and improvements in personal and community development. The first phase of the full programme, addresses issues around motivation and social etiquette. The programme embraces the Five Ways to Wellbeing with activities available across Lancashire, which are diverse in content, enabling participants to learn, take notice, be active, connect and give back.

  • Learn – wide range of community based training courses. Confidence building and motivational speaking workshops, coach training delivered by RRR.
  • Take Notice – Service users are encouraged to take notice of the world around them and how their contribution can bring positive changes to themselves, families and communities.
  • Be Active – numerous outdoor and environmental projects. LUF Boat-a canal barge providing opportunities to learn about waterways, navigation and barge maintenance, also serving as a base for the RRR Fishing Club. Referrals to the Challenge Through Sports Initiative, to increase participation in physical activity amongst disadvantaged individuals who have sedentary lifestyles.
  • Connect – engagement with our community and Families in Recovery groups, Lancashire User Forum (service user group), locality drop ins where service users meet and share their experiences and concerns.
  • Give Back – Service users ‘give back’, in the form of activities which benefit their communities or supporting others to assume responsibility in developing their own projects.


Volunteer/Peer Support Development

Workshops aimed at existing volunteers to promote the benefits of volunteering/peer support.